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If you’re being charged with a crime in the state of Illinois, you are probably angry, scared, and don’t know what to do next. But you need to deal with it, and you need the best criminal defense lawyer you can find. A lawyer to fight for you and protect your future. You need someone who will do everything possible to protect your rights and freedom, and make sure you are treated fairly by a system that may have little regard for the accused.

A defense lawyer who will never forget that You are innocent until proven guilty.

That still means something to us. We are the attorneys of Fighting for people just like you is what we do, everyday, in criminal courts in Cook County, Chicago and every county of Illinois state.

I’m Charged With a Crime! What Do I Do?

A criminal charge hanging over your head can be a frightening and stressful experience. Whether you were arrested or received a criminal summons to appear on charges in a criminal court, the threat of serious consequences that could include jail time for many offenses, is real, and not to be taken lightly.

You need to understand what you are up against, and consider your options. This site lists information about many criminal charges in Illinois, and the potential penalties. But these are just guidelines, and a starting point for you to understand and ask the right questions to an attorney. Every case is different. Circumstances, background, and even the court or judge you appear in front of can make a difference in how you are treated in court. Some judges are fair, and some are extremely tough on the accused. That is something a smart criminal defense attorney knows and considers before walking into court.

How Can I Decide What to Do?

There are basically two options. You can plead guilty and try to work out a fair and reasonable deal, or you can fight the charges, possibly all the way to a jury trial. That decision is ultimately up to you. What an attorney can do is first help you evaluation the potential consequences and outcomes of both options.

An experienced attorney will have a good idea what he or she can negotiate the prosecutor down to. Maybe there are grounds to get the entire case dismissed, or reduced from a criminal to a civil charge. This is almost always a good outcome, since keeping you from having a permanent criminal record is a big deal.

The other option is to fight, claw, and challenge the state every step of the way. We can file motions to dismiss, motions to suppress, and make them prove every single element of the evidence and charges against you.

When you are innocent, or the consequences of a plea deal are too serious to consider, fighting the charges is often the way to go. And if you can’t decide what you want to do right away, taking an aggressive defense posture may help you ultimately get a better deal down the road.

Who Will Help Me Figure Out What is Best For Me?

As part of a criminal case evaluation, our Illinois defense lawyers will go over all the facts of the case against you, suggest possible defenses, and likely outcomes in either case if you decide to fight the charges or work out a deal.

And we’ll do this as part of our free consultation.

Why a free case evaluation and consultation? For one, it’s the fair thing to do. You have a right to evaluate a number of defense lawyers to decide who is the best lawyer to represent you in court. And the only way to decide that is to here what we have to say. So it just makes sense.

And secondly, we work with only experienced lawyers who know their way around the Illinois criminal courts. We believe that in many cases, after speaking with us and hearing what we can do to help, you will ultimately hire us.

But we understand that not everybody does, so there really is no obligation for the consultation.

So don’t wait another day carrying this burden around by yourself. We can help you work through your situation, and figure out what it will take to get past it and more on with your life.

Call us today to take advantage of our free consultation offer, valid for anyone charged with a crime in Illinois. (If you are accused of a criminal offense in Iowa, please contact us there.)

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